E2.0 Drive Innovation and Growth with E2.0

Ambuj Goyal, IBM General Manager of the Software Group, Information Management (substituting for Mike Rhodin) took the podium.

Enterprise 2.0 is an evolution of E-Business. Traditional businesses took advantage of the web to improve their businesses and startups took their position as well.

A business can put up information anywhere and users can comment on it. We don’t just browse, we can now update and participate.

Three components: (1) economic – harness the “long tail”, (2) technology – lightweight infrastructure and simpler programming and (3) community – harness the collective knowledge.

He highlighted the IBM WebSphere Portal Product. He pointed out that it brings Web 2.0 rich interactive applications. [It looks interesting, but we are still moving down the path of our SharePoint 2007 upgrade to our intranet. I tuned out the sales pitch and checked my email. Sorry Ambuj. ]

The rules of business are changing, moving from structure based to knowledge based. Reduction in time to market opens new business opportunities. Reduce costs through customer self-service. Extract value by collecting the sharing and wisdom in the organization.

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