SharePoint for Business

Michael Sampson sent me a copy of his white paper: SharePoint for Business. I met Michael at the Enterprise 2.0 conference last week. The paper focuses much more on the “soft” issues than the technical requirements.

His six step framework:

  1. Develop a vision on the business reasons for deploying SharePoint within the organization.
  2. Get the technical implementation of SharePoint right.
  3. Lead people to develop competence in the various tools available in SharePoint.
  4. Develop shared agreements on SharePoint practices.
  5. Avoid the pitfalls of earlier collaboration.
  6. Cultivate the practices of collaboration.

One of his tasks in step 3 is to create and publicize a SharePoint sandbox where users can explore the capabilities (and limitations) of SharePoint in an informal setting. I am a big fan of giving users the ability to explore features of the tool on their own.

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