September 2007

I felt a little bad about calling LawLink boring. Not because I said it was boring (it is), but because I did not give any advice for what would make […]

According to the The LinkedIn Blog, starting on Friday the 28th you can start adding a picture to your LinkedIn profile: A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words. “Adding a […]

Stephen Colbert finds this new Bingham McCutchen print ad to be disturbing. This video from Colbert Report mentions Bingham ad at the 1:30 minute left mark. Its great that the […]

I just finished reading the Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda. (If you are one of my Facebook “friends,” you already know that.) The seventh law is emotion: “more emotions […]

Last week I noted the story and decision of City of Springfield Code Enforcement v. Concerned Citizens for Springfield, Inc., et al. in which Housing Court Judge William H. Abrashkin […]

There have been many stories in the press about Faceblocking: firms trying to block Facebook and concerned about its impact on productivity. Firms are now starting to embrace Facebook and […]

I just got back from a weekend in New Orleans and thought I would share my thoughts on this recovering city. You should plan a trip to New Orleans. The […]

When browsing through Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, I came across Kowalczyk, et al. v. Estate of Smiarowski (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-087-07) (6 pages) (Sands, J.) (Land Court) (Misc. Case No. 245456) […]

I recently switched from using Bloglines as my feedreader to using Google Reader. I liked the ability to publish shared items on Facebook. As the number of my feeds has […]