Boston Knowledge Management Forum at Bentley College

Today’s Bentley Event for the KM Forum was a great event.

I had planned to do some conference blogging, but ran into some technical problems. There was a shortage of plugs so I had to run on batteries. I sat near a wall, but still no plugs. Also, the room was so bright that I could not see the screen with the lower level lighting on battery mode. Lastly, I could not pickup the wifi connection.

I will post up my notes shortly. Here was the program:

Finding experts: Who you know matters more than what they knowKate Ehrlich, IBM Research

Convergence of Learning and KnowledgeJoe Horvath, Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Raising the Strategic Profile of KMMike Zack, Northeastern University, College of Business Administration

The Case for Tacit Knowledge – Larry Chait, Chait & Associates, Moderator and Speaker

Sense-making and Knowledge ManagementDave Snowden, Cognitive Edge

Where KM will be in 5-10 yearsKathy Curley, Boston University, Panel Moderator, Eric Lesser of IBM Global Business Services and all speakers

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  1. Sounds like an interesting event. Not sure how I got off this list as I didn’t even know it was happening…and I didn’t know you are in Boston, Doug.

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