February 2008

We have an extra day this year. What should we do with it? Does it feel like an extra day? USA Today published 28 ways to energize your Feb. 29 […]

JD Supra launched as a place that “offers free access to a constantly expanding database of legal documents (filings, decisions, forms, articles) from the people whose work gives meaning to […]

Lee Rosen, the president of Rosen Law Firm, took a few minutes to talk with me about his firm’s experience with wikis. Rosen is replacing his Lotus Notes platform with […]

Since my prior post [Legal OnRamp – A Social Network and Collaborative Platform for Lawyers], Legal OnRamp has rolled out a substantial revision to the site. Legal OnRamp is still […]

I decided to poke around and try to list as many Massachusetts based legal blogs as I could find. Here is the list. Sorry if I missed any. Send me […]

Bill Gates, after paying $240 million for a 1.6% interest in Facebook, has decided to stop using the website for his own profile: Bill Gates is off his Facebook. Thomas […]

In the case of McDonald v Rappaport et al, Judge Tauro of the United States District Court of Massachusetts, found that the International House of Pancakes is not a fast […]

The City of Chicago is trying to expand the scope of its real estate transfer tax to to be paid even when the buyer forfeits the down payment: City transfer […]

The folks over at Lexblog decide to interview me on Real Lawyers Have Blogs: Doug Cornelius of Goodwin Procter [LexBlog Q & A]. Thanks to Rob La Gatta for making […]

PBWiki put together a Whitepaper: Wikis in the enterprise. Here are a few key quotes that may entice you to read the whitepaper: “As Wikipedia has demonstrated, anyone can use […]