Lego Bricks in Bulk

Measuring Lego Bricks

I just published a new GeekDad post on getting mass quantities of Lego bricks: Finding Lego Bricks in Bulk.

Ray Sims went to eBay and found people selling Lego bricks by the pound and others selling bricks in hundred piece packages. I saw his twitter message on the issue. That gave me the idea of trying an experiment with The GeekSon on how many pieces are in a pound of Lego bricks.

This GeekDad post summarizes our findings. (And Mrs. Doug’s thoughts on getting lots more Lego bricks!)

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  1. Good work Doug and son! We did ultimately go the eBay route and picked up 6 pounds for US$34. I’ve not been motivated enough to begin to estimate the number of pieces, but with this addition it feels like we are no longer wanting for enough pieces and variety to get something started for the latest iteration of planes, ships of all varieties, or road vehicles. Now lusting for more mini-figures which somehow keep disappearing. Must be the dog stealing them?


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