The Tour de France

le-tour-de-franceThe Wife and I are big fans of the Tour de France. Yes, we started watching it during the lance Armstrong years like many others in the U.S. (Well, at least many of those who started watching during the Lance years. The Tour lacks a big TV audience.)

We loved the Tour just as much during the years Lance was retired. Maybe even more so, because the competition was wide open. We really liked the competition, the images and stories wrapped around this incredible race.  We also love the announcers: Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen. The Tour coverage is better than the reruns and other dreck on television during July.

We are both excited for the Tour to start on Saturday for the 96th time. This year the Tour starts in Monaco for a prologue time trial. This year also marks the return of the team time trial stage.

To celebrate my thoughts, I put together another article on GeekDad: Top Ten Reasons That Geeks Should Love the Tour de France.