Book Review: Face of Betrayal

Lis Wiehl has added another element to her career, from trial lawyer to Fox News commentator and now a novelist. The publisher sent me a copy of her book: Face of Betrayal.

I generally would not bother writing a review for book this bad, but I agreed to write a review in exchange for a copy of the book. Given the the that it is a pulpy crime novel and that Lis had a contributor, I had low expectations. Even those lowered expectations were not met.

The book is a “Triple Threat Novel” with three narrators: FBI Agent, reporter and prosecutor. Three friends who share food and drinks in Portland, Oregon. I couldn’t tell the difference in the narration between the three. It just confused the story and viewpoints.

The primary story is a Senate page home for vacation takes her dog out for a walk and never returns. The triple threat team each take their respective role in investigating and reporting the crime. Each of the triple threat has their own battles to fight. One has a stalker, one is in an abusive relationship and one is a single parent.

The characters are flat, the story is predictable and the ending is rushed. If you are looking for a crime novel, try William Landay’s Mission Flats or Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Unless you’re a Lis Wiehl fan, don’t bother wasting an afternoon with Face of Betrayal.