Old State House Museum

The exterior of Boston’s Old Stat House is widely seen and photographed. By adding the Old State Museum to the 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts, they want you to go inside.

The Old State House has been under the care of The Bostonian Society since 1881. They rescued the building from a downward spiral of disrepair. (I’ve seen some startling pictures of the building plastered with advertising and awnings in the 1800s.)

They did lose a battle with the MBTA and the building has a subway station in its basement. They have a great exhibit in the museum showing the effects of the subway vibrations on the building.

The Old State Museum’s exhibitions include information on the Boston Massacre, preservation of the building structure and Boston history

Cost: $7.50

Disclosure: When I was a private practice lawyer, I represented The Bostonian Society.

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