State House

The golden dome of the Massachusetts’ State House gleams in the Boston skyline. The legislative and executive branches of the state government call it home. The State House is one of the several stops on Boston’s Freedom Trail and has a well-deserved listing in the 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts.

In 1713 the seat of the Massachusetts government was the Old State House. After kicking out the British American Revolution, state leaders wanted a new home to reflect the new government. They selected a site close to the summit of Beacon Hill, overlooking Boston Common and the Back Bay that had originally served as a cow pasture for John Hancock.

The “new” State House was completed on January 11, 1798 leaving it as the oldest building on Beacon Hill. There have been several additions to the building since then.

The original wood dome was covered with copper in 1802 by Paul Revere’s company. It was then gilded with gold leaf in 1874. During WWII, the dome was painted black to protect the city and building from potential bombing attacks.

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