Want to Buy a House in Newton?

After years of planning, Mrs. Doug and I have decided that we are not real estate developers. That means we have scrapped our long-running plans to renovate our house. We moved out in anticipation of the renovation. Instead, we have put it on the market for sale.

If your looking for a grand, old house to renovate in the Greater Boston area. Take a look.  There is an open house on Sunday April 3 from Noon to 1:30.

Listing on Redfin: 321 Central Street, Auburndale.

You get a 30,000 square foot, wooded lot, with long rows of raspberry bushes and four big blueberry bushes. The house is over 2,700 square feet, built in the 1870s. There are beautiful striped hardwood floors in the hallways and dining room. Great hardwood in the library and family room. There are marble fireplaces and beautiful period detail.

What you don’t get are a good kitchen or good bathrooms. They are in desperate need of gut rehab. You’ll also need to re-shingle the roof and paint the outside.

It will be a great project if you have the stamina for a renovation.