Mary Baker Eddy Historic House

Stoughton has a single entry on the list of 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts. The Mary Baker Eddy Historic House sits on the busy Central Street, just west of the Christmas Tree Shoppes retail road.

The story of the house (from the Longyear Museum):

Having been deserted by her husband, Daniel Patterson, the future Mary Baker Eddy reverted to the name of her late first husband, Glover. In late 1868, after staying in a series of boarding houses and friends’ homes, Mrs. Glover arrived in this country home south of Boston. Her stay was a year-and-a-half respite from all the packing and unpacking.

Alanson Wentworth’s wife, Sally, invited Mrs. Glover to live here in exchange for Mrs. Glover’s teaching her the art of healing through Christian prayer — after which Sally eagerly took up the healing work on her own. It provided her with a purpose and an income for the rest of her life.

Here in Stoughton, Mrs. Glover’s treatments through prayer healed Alanson Wentworth of sciatica — healed his wife of a chronic throat ailment — healed one of their daughters of partial deafness — healed neighbors of enteritis, pulmonary disease, and addiction to medicinal drugs.

The house is only open by appointment. My visit was brief since I failed to make an appointment.

Personally, I would have preferred Town Spa over a vacant house that is usually closed.