Building Up The LEGO Movie


At first blush you might write-off this movie as a puffy piece of drivel trying to push you to buy more of a kid’s toy. Or you might discard it as a failed adaptation of a toy to a movie (I’m looking at you Battleship.)

Ignore those thoughts. It’s a delightful movie that will be enjoyed by you and your kids.

I won’t talk much about the plot, because it might wreck your experience.

Apparently LEGO was able to leverage their licensing for models to appearances in the movie. You have the DC Comics represented by Batman, the Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. If you like G.O.B from Arrested Development, you’ll love Will Arnett at Batman. You also have a brief appearance of Star Wars characters, including Anthony Daniels the voice of C-3PO.

I would give this my highest rating of getting a babysitter to see it in the theater. This is a rare movie that your kids will enjoy as much as you, so need need for the sitter.