Middle-Aged Men Who Are Officially Obsessed With Superstar Tom Brady Hits the One Million Mark

That is the headline given by Richard J. King to himself in Meeting Tom Brady. Mr. King is a lecturer in Literature of the Sea with the Williams College at Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program and the author of scholarly articles. He does not seem like the typical stalker of Tom Brady.

The book traces Mr. King’s efforts to meet Mr. Brady and come up with interesting questions for him. This includes hanging out in Boston’s South Station with a sign saying asking “What would you ask Tom Brady?” And yes, his solicitations work and people stop to tell him what they would ask.

meeting tom brady

Mr. King’s efforts take place during the 2013 football season. The ups and downs of the season are mixed with the ups and downs of Mr. King’s quest.

I won’t spoil the questions you are asking “Does he meet Tom Brady and what does he ask him?”

I’m a devoted Patriots fan, so I took a copy of the book when the publisher offered me a copy for review.

I’m not sure the book will appeal to anyone but Patriots fans. If you are a Patriots fan, it’s a fun book to read.