Doug Cornelius

The Shape of Boston

Yoni Alter’s depictions of cities’ landmarks accurate to scale. Buy a signed screenprint / Giclée print or buy a wallpaper There are also renderings of New York Chicago Dallas and […]

A Great Time Lapse of Boston

This is Boston from Bodhi Films on Vimeo. This is Boston from Bodhi Films Published by Movoto: This Awesome Boston Time Lapse Will Make Your Day Complete and Boston Magazine: […]

Ghost: The Paradox

Matthew Inman, author or The Oatmeal, wrote a tribute to his dog, Rambo. My Dog: The Paradox It’s a meditation on the reckless, impulsive, and completely lovable mortality of man’s […]

<em>Influx</em> by Daniel Suarez

Imagine that there is a sinister Bureau of Technology Control that has been suppressing technology advances. Nuclear fusion? Perfected in 1985. Cancer? Cure discovered in 1998. “Immortal DNA strand segregation”? […]


Lance Armstrong was one of the best cyclists in last 20 years. But his wins were built on a foundation of illegal doping and performance enhancing drugs. It’s not about […]

<em>The Searchers</em>

John Wayne is at his most “John Wayne-ish” in this classic western from John Ford. Wayne plays a middle-aged Civil War veteran who spends years in western Texas chasing the […]

Curling in the Park

The Olympics are over, but your dream of being a curling champion may not be. I took part in a curling mini-league many years ago. The closest analogy is a […]

<em>Captain Phillips</em>

I barely made it through the first ten minutes of Captain Phillips. Tom Hanks was trying to use a thick Boston accent. It was distractingly horrible. Thankfully, he lets the […]

Year Zero

It was December and I needed a “Y” book to finish off my A-to-Z reading challenge. I had my eye on Year Zero by Ian Baruma. But I couldn’t get […]

My 2013 Reading List

My goal this year was to finish reading a book every other week. (For the math or calendar challenged, that’s a goal of 26 books.) I’m happy to say that […]

Clearing Out <em>Zone One</em>

How do you like your zombie stories?  If your answer is moody, atmospheric, and oozing with metaphors then add Zone One to your reading list. Colson Whitehead tells the story […]

Hub on Wheels 2013

On Sunday, I rode in the ninth annual Hub on Wheels, Boston’s biggest bicycling celebration. The big draw for the event is being able to ride on a car-free Storrow […]