These are some of my past adventures. (Some are more adventuresome than others.)

Becket or Bust Bike Ride

With the Pan-Mass Challenge coming up, my training plan has me spending long hours and long distances on the bike during the weekends. The Boy’s camp had Dad’s Weekend scheduled […]

Hog River Underground

The Army Corps of Engineers has done some strange things to our waterways. Rivers can be diverted and pressed into concrete channels, but cannot be erased. Joe McCarthy’s grandfather remembers […]

After trudging up the snowfields, I realized that we still had to set up the tents. What I did not realize is that we were not staying in Camp Muir, […]

The Climb of Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in the northwest United States, towering in the backdrop of Seattle and Tacoma. I decided to climb it. Well, actually Jeff decided to climb […]