KM Space blog posts

At one point I was heavily involved in knowledge management. I ran a blog called KM Space. I decided to import those post here for archiving.

I turned the “lights out” on KM Space, my blog on knowledge management, enterprise 2.0 and social networking for lawyers. I decided I want to better own and control that […]

CCH gathered some great information on “professionals” using Web 2.0: Professionals and Web 2.0 (.pdf). They interviewed 229 professionals within organizations across the Asia-Pacific region. The report addresses the use […]

Omar Ha-Redeye writes on about two new social networks for lawyers: Lawyrs Looking for Alternative Social Networks and Social Network on Jurafide for American Clients. is a networking […]

I have had mixed things to say about Avvo in the past: Avvo’s Online Ratings For Lawyers Come To Boston and Avvo Revisited – I am a 23% Better Lawyer. […]

Online social and business networking sites are a booming business. Tap into the success of these powerful tools by using them to strengthen your business and personal connections, share your […]

Can he live up to the expectations? This photo is from his senatorial website:

LexisNexis has put out Lexis Web Search in beta release: The Lexis Web product includes important, legal-oriented Web content selected and validated by the LexisNexis editorial staff. You can […]

Steve Matthews of Stem Legal has announced the winners of the Canadian Law Blog Awards for 2008. Congratulations to the winners! For the second year in a row that includes […]

I have update my KM Sites search tool. The search below is built from a custom Google Search It searches the following sites: 3 Geeks and a Law Blog Aa..ha![Thinking […]