Chicago Marathon

I ran the 2002 edition of the Chicago marathon. It was my first marathon.

It was a cool day in October. This was a sharp contrast to the hot summer training runs getting ready for the race.

I finished in a disappointing 4:40.

Since I was injured and never got a training run over 15 miles, I guess I should be happy that I finished.

My finishers certificate:

The race course:

Balance Bar 24 Hour Adventure Race Boston

Dave, Doug and Jeff decided paddling around Boston Harbor, biking through Wompatuck State Park, climbing in the Quincy Quarries and hiking the Blue Hills Reservation would be a good way to spend a day.

We had a bunch start in kayaks behind the Federal Courthouse in Boston Harbor

From there we paddled across Boston Harbor to Nantasket. We grabbed some pizza and switched into biking gear. Then it was 20 miles of biking down to and through Wompatuck State Park.

Then it was back in the kayaks, paddling across Boston Harbor to Wollaston Beach, up Black’s Creek to a transition point.

Then we were on foot running/walking to the Quincy Quarries. There we had a rappel down the K Face in the Quarry. Next was a zip line from the Q Face to the M Face. At this point the sun was setting and we had 30 miles of hiking through the Blue Hills Reservation. Just to keep us awake, it started raining. We saw a few teams huddle up under emergency blankets.

Back to Wollaston Beach and the kayak. We paddled to Thompson Islans, paused for a cruise ship to cross our route and paddled back to the finish line at the Federal Court House on Fan Pier.

A short 25 hours.

Here is a story about another team we met during the race:

Here is an interactive map of the race route (Or, at least as much as I can remember of the route. You pan, zoom and click on the markings for more information.):

View Balance Bar 24 Boston Adventure Race Route in a larger map

Hi-Tec Adventure Race – Hartford 2001

Action Dave and Jamie Liu ran, biked and paddled this race with me. This race is a favorite since it happens at night. Getting lost in the woods in the dark is more fun than being lost in the daytime.

We came in at 4:30:06 in 50th place (out of 138 teams) in the coed division. The last team came in at 7:24:17 and first place came in at 3:29:20. See the full results for the Hi-Tec Adventure Racing Series #6 Hartford, CT, September 8, 2001.

A blazing start:

Emerging from the lake after a kayaking leg:

Dave, Jamie and Doug trying to figure out where we are and what we are supposed to be doing.

Setting the pole for Jamie to climb.

Jamie climbing.

Jamie tying.

Doug and Dave in the dark. Where’s Jamie?

The wall is the last obstacle before the finish line:

Crossing the finish line: