Lucas McDonnell in his Uncommon Knowledge blog posts27 essential knowledge management sites. These are great resources for learning more about knowledge management across a wide spectrum of industries and academia.

Great news. This blog is not blocked by the Chinese censors. However my website ( is blocked. At least that is according to this website: Great Firewall of China

Arthur Segel published an article in the Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge on the real estate boom: The New Real Estate. He points out four stories in the commercial real […]

Someone at the Securities and Exchange Commission is a Monty Python fan and is tired of getting spam promoting questionable companies. Press Release: SEC Suspends Trading of 35 Companies Touted […]

Tim Stanley and Justia have launched of a free, searchable database of Federal Register Regulations, Proposed Rules and Notices. This site allows you pick and choose the subject and topical […]

The first video advertising I have seen for knowledge management. I think I might start my presentations with this.

Ron Friedman of Prism Legal Consulting, Inc. and Joy London of Excited Utterances compiled a directory of Large US law firms with firm-branded blogs or RSS – feeds. Not very […]

Internet search engines can, obviously find words. They can find images, although this does not work as well as a search for words (Google’s imagelabeler matching game is their way […]

Lori Grant published a great article. I particularly like the last tip: “Slow Down.” With the speed of business, business decisions and the execution of actions from the decision, knowledge […]

Chicago Marathon

I ran the 2002 edition of the Chicago marathon. It was my first marathon. It was a cool day in October. This was a sharp contrast to the hot summer […]