Old North Church

He said to his friend, “If the British march By land or sea from the town to-night, Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch Of the North Church tower as a signal light,– One if by land, and two if by sea; – excerpt from “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” by Henry Wadsworth […]

Gravestone Peeping at Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Auburn Cemetery is America’s first landscaped cemetery. Apparently that distinction entitled it to two entries on the list of 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts. Most of the cemetery is located in Watertown, though the entrance lies in Cambridge. That must be why only Cambridge claimed it. Aside from the list-makers’ failures, Mount Auburn Cemetery […]

Hiking up to the Blue Hills Observatory

The 38th stop our quest to visit the 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts was 635 feet up in the air. The Blue Hills Observatory sits on top of Great Blue Hill, the highest of the 22 hills in the Blue Hills chain. The most popular route to the top is the red dot trail. That […]

Boston’s Athenaeum

The Boston Athenæum is a private library on Beacon Hill that first opened its doors in 1807. For those of you (like me) who wondered what “athenaeum” means, the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as: An association of persons interested in scientific and literary pursuits, meeting for the purpose of mutual improvement; a literary or […]

Old South Meeting House

The Old South Meeting House sits in the Downtown Crossing area of Boston. It’s a Revolutionary War vintage building. Construction ended in 1729. It was the largest building in Boston at the time. The Meeting House’s claim to fame is that it was the organizing point for the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773. […]

Old State House Museum

The exterior of Boston’s Old Stat House is widely seen and photographed. By adding the Old State Museum to the 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts, they want you to go inside. The Old State House has been under the care of The Bostonian Society since 1881. They rescued the building from a downward spiral of […]

Ye Olde Union Oyster House

I was getting hungry on my quest to write about each of the 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts, so I stopped by ye olde Union Oyster House in Boston. It serves a great clam chowder and has a fabulous raw bar. The Union Oyster House holds the claim as America’s oldest restaurant, having been in […]

Faneuil Hall

It’s no surprise that Faneuil Hall is on the list of the 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city of Boston. You have to wonder if Great Places commission made an out-of-town misstep and meant to include Faneuil Hall or Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Faneuil Hall […]