Colbert in Space

NASA opened itself to the public for help in naming the latest module for the International Space Station. After over 1 million votes, the winner is “Colbert.” That is Stephen Colbert, the Comedy Central pundit.

But wait a minute, the contest rules sat that NASA will only take the results of voting into consideration. After over 1 million votes, the winner is “Tranquility.” That is the Sea of Tranquility on the moon where Apollo 11 landed.

Sorry Mr. Colbert, NASA avoids naming its stuff after living people. Is there is consolation prize for Mr. Colbert?

colbert treadmillYes!!! This wonderful treadmill.  NASA plans to place this treadmill in the space station and is willing to rename it the ‘Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill,’ or COLBERT.

colbert patch for NASAThey even made this special patch for the treadmill, with a cartoon depiction of the treadmill and the acronym.

But after closely monitoring the voting results, who would break the news to Mr. Colbert that he was only going to get the consolation prize?

Suni Williams!!! Two years ago she ran 26.2 miles on a space station treadmill to simulate her running of the Boston Marathon. Here is the video of her appearance on The Colbert Report:

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