Time Thinks GeekDad is one of the Best Blogs of 2010

Time made its annual pick of blogs they can’t live without for 2010. Making the list was my own GeekDad.

“There’s no better mix of cool stuff and nostalgia-inducing throwbacks online than on GeekDad. Targeted at fathers with a nerd bent, this blog from Wired includes creative, kid-friendly projects like making your own monster movie and shares how to relive your impoverished youth (think buying a massive box of ramen). The blog’s strength is that it doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t. GeekDad is laser-focused on the father who wasn’t the cool kid in high school but is now the envy of every dad on the block.”

I need to point out that there is plenty of stuff in GeekDad for the moms as well as dads. We even have several mom contributors.

Some of my latest posts on GeekDad: