Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

I begin my formal quest to document the 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts. Most mornings I walk from South Station to my office along the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

The Greenway is the end-product of Boston’s Big Dig. An ugly elevated highway was put below ground and this ribbon of greenspace took its place.

The Greenway is a pleasant walk on nice days and a horrible walk on bad weather days. The wind can come driving off the harbor, sending rain and snow sideways at you.

On hot days, the Rings Fountain next to the New England Aquarium is the most popular spot on the Greenway. Kids love the jets of water that pop up from the fountain. It gets lots of traffic from tourists and field trips visitors to aquarium. It’s a much more pleasant walk from Faneuil Hall to the Aquarium now, than compards to when the elevated highway was in place.

There has been and will be lots of criticism about the Greenway. It certainly has not reached its potential as park in the heart of city. But it’s much better than a hulking, elevated highway.

Cost: $0

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