Book Reviews

These are my thoughts on some books I have read.

My 2017 in Books

I read a lot of books in 2017. The grand total was 100 books. That was more than 32,000 pages of text. This total includes listening, as well as reading. I consumed […]

You & a Bike & a Road

In 2016, Eleanor Davis documented her bike tour and then published part of it as You & a Bike & a Road. Anyone who does a long-distance bike ride will […]

<em>Holy Spokes</em>

“There is always an unexplored neighborhood somewhere in the city.
There is always more of the infinite mystery of the Holy to explore.
There is always a new road to ride.”

Ghost: The Paradox

Matthew Inman, author or The Oatmeal, wrote a tribute to his dog, Rambo. My Dog: The Paradox It’s a meditation on the reckless, impulsive, and completely lovable mortality of man’s […]

<em>Influx</em> by Daniel Suarez

Imagine that there is a sinister Bureau of Technology Control that has been suppressing technology advances. Nuclear fusion? Perfected in 1985. Cancer? Cure discovered in 1998. “Immortal DNA strand segregation”? […]


Lance Armstrong was one of the best cyclists in last 20 years. But his wins were built on a foundation of illegal doping and performance enhancing drugs. It’s not about […]

My 2013 Reading List

My goal this year was to finish reading a book every other week. (For the math or calendar challenged, that’s a goal of 26 books.) I’m happy to say that […]

Clearing Out <em>Zone One</em>

How do you like your zombie stories?  If your answer is moody, atmospheric, and oozing with metaphors then add Zone One to your reading list. Colson Whitehead tells the story […]

The Vast Unknown

Go America! Climb the tallest mountain! But the Brits and Swiss have already made the summit? Yeah, but we beat the Soviets to the top! According to Broughton Coburn in […]