Among other things, I was contributor to GeekDad Blog on for a few years.

Geek Credentials:

A misspent youth involving Dungeons and Dragons, videogames, Monty Python, and science fiction. With an affinity for math and science, I was a biology major in college with an eye towards medical school. Instead, I became an example of pre-med, pre-law, What’s the difference? After college, I got a JD instead of an MD. I ended spending a lot of time and energy in the area of legal technology and knowledge management.

Dad Credentials:

The GeekSon is seven and the GeekDaughter is three. It is too early to know what kind of princess the GeekDaughter will be. I hope that she will at least be a self-rescuing princess. The GeekSon has earned his credentials. Here is him playing Lego StarWars while wearing a Darth Vader costume. Even more geeky, in the second picture on this post [The Day the Chipmunks Attack!] he thought it was funny to see a chipmunk on the republic gunship, but even funnier that there was a stormtrooper on a republic vehicle.

Mrs. GeekDoug remains a mystical and anonymous figure. (At her request.)


Here are most of my posts on GeekDad:

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Top 10 Reasons Geeks Should Love the Tour de France